01 - The House
The House

« Pierre Lamiable plants his first vines at the beggining of the 50s in Tours-sur-Marne at a place called “Les vignes des Meslaines”. The fisrt pages of Lamiable Champagne are written... »

02 - The War

The family settles in Tours-sur-Marne during the 18th century. The current house was built in 1859 by Louis Hippolyte Lamiable. The Lamiable family is farmer. At the death of their father Hippolyte during the first world war, the four young Lamiable brothers have to work to make the family live.

« Real contractors, they innovate within the family farm »
After the second world war, Pierre wants to diversify, he plants his first vines.
03 - The Dedication

Jean Pierre, his son gets his doctorate in medicine at the beggining of the 70s, yet, the anounced career as a sport doctor gives way to the resumption of the family business…
Jean Pierre discovers his passion for business and winemaking. He elaborates his wine bottles and develops its marketing.

« He is no longer simply a grape producer, he is now a champagne creator ! »
04 - Succession
Today supported by Arnaud, her husband, the adventure continues… The champagne and the family exploitation are parts of her.

In 2003, after growing up far from her hometown, Ophélie gets back to her origins. The champagne, the terroir, the family exploitation are parts of her.
It was a dream which seemed unattainable. Everything is to learn, the vines, the grapes, the caves, the wines, the story…

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